The Secret To Getting Lots Of Followers

I will reveal the secret that many social media "experts" are trying to sell you. How to get LOTS of Twitter followers. Thousands.

They may tell you how to do this yourself or they may use fancy tools to do it for you. Either way, the secret is the same. It is all based on autofollowing...

1. Follow people who follow spammers.

Wait until a spam follower follows you. Spam followers will have 1,000+ people they are following but only 5 to 150 followers in return. Follow everyone who follows the spam follower. Those are likely to be people who autofollow or who are following in return in order to boost their own follow count.

2. Follow people who autofollow.

"Twitter celebrities" are also likely to follow you back automatically. Like spammers, they'll be following over a thousand, sometimes tens of thousands of people, but unlike spammers, they'll have the same number of (or more) followers. You'll stumble upon such accounts during your Twitter travels (e.g. when they are retweeted by someone you're following) but you can also do an Internet search for "most popular Twitter accounts" or "popular Tweeters".

That's it. Within a short amount of time you will have thousands of followers. There may be other "secrets" but these are the crux of what most social media "experts" will do.


But Gerard, why do you only have a hundred followers?

The downside of the magic steps above is that you will also follow thousands of people. That's a lot of tweets nobody is reading. There is nothing you can say that anybody in your list of followers will be remotely interested in. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL SPAMMERS.

There is absolutely NO business value in getting thousands of followers who aren't interested in anything you have to say!

Plus, I consider my tweets to have value. Why would I waste them on people who aren't listening?

So be on the lookout for social media "experts" who can help you get thousands of followers on Twitter. Have a look at their Twitter account. If they have (say) 2000 followers but they follow 2000 or more in return then they did the steps above. They cannot delete any of the people they follow or they will also be deleted, so they are trapped following heaps of spammers! It's not clever or beneficial. Don't fall for it. 


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