Sample Websites

Here are some examples of our work. We set up each website on a Content Management System and link all the relevant parts of the site (eg. menus, content) to the CMS database or to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for easy management.

Decorator Collective
Features: hand-coded using our newest version of TimelineCMS, responsive design for phones and tablets, Instagram integration to show latest news on the front page, a custom-developed business directory with administrator management, on-line store.
Roger Boghani Tax & Business Services
Features: responsive design using Bootstrap, WordPress+TimelineCMS platform
Holmes Institute
Features: Facebook integration for latest news and photos, responsive design for mobile devices, design by Dan Forster Design
OutoftheBox InteriorDesign
Features: responsive design, live Facebook feed for the galleries page, jQuery effects, design by Dan Forster Design
CRN Loan & Mortgage Services
Features: responsive design using Bootstrap, WordPress+TimelineCMS platform
Features: dedicated mobile version using Cloudflare mobile detection and TimelineCMS template switching, integration with esports platforms to automatically fetch tournament results, social media feeds from Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.
Mandy Calthorpe Interiors
Features: hand coded responsive design using Bootstrap, smooth loading and page transistions.
Avon Community Services
Features: responsive design, TimelineCMS + WordPress platform, design by Dan Forster Design
Alphaloan Mortgage Group
Features: responsive design for mobiles and tablets, lots of videos
New Game Plus
Features: dedicated desktop, tablet and mobile versions, responsive design, jQuery, YouTube and Facebook integration using APIs, blogs
Lavish Skin Clinic
Features: responsive design, jQuery services display, custom Google map, design by Dan Forster Design
Primavera Vineyard
Features: on-line store with credit card processing, Facebook integration for latest news, responsive design for mobile devices
Victorian Periopertative Nurses Group
Features: responsive design, Facebook group integration for latest news
AMAC Corrosion Protection Pty Ltd and AMAC Alloys
Features: Facebook latest news integration, Google Maps API, enormous amount of content and data
Impala Billiards Pty Ltd
Features: responsive design, credit card processing, Facebook integration for photo galleries allowing pictures to be added using the Pages Manager app on phone
Oxford House College
Features: Responsive design, jquery, full CMS with course database, language translation of entire site. Social media integration for photos from Facebook, announcements from Twitter, blogs from Wordpress, and videos from YouTube, design by Dan Forster Design
Features: responsive design, facebook albums integrated into website, front page latest photos are Facebook timeline photos which the business owner updates regularly
Features: responsive design, customised Google Map to match site design, design by Dan Forster Design
Features: responsive design, on-line store with credit card processing
Features: responsive design, Facebook integration for news feeds and photo gallery, design by Dan Forster Design
Features: responsive design, design by Dan Forster Design
Features: responsive design
Jaspa Herington
Design by Dan Forster Design
Richard Cornish
Features: on-line shop, server-side device detection combined with responsive design to help the site look its best on all devices

This page is automatically generated from an album on Facebook. Thumbnails, links, lightboxes, everything. It is part of our philosophy of publishing to the best Social Media platform while creating a cohesive website without any extra work. Click here to see the original version.

Don't chase customers away

Your website is important. How often have you "researched" a purchase on Google by looking quickly at a bunch of sites, mentally short-listing them, and then looking for more detail about whether or not those site owners can do what you want?

Everybody is doing it. You will never get the chance to tell these people about what you do or how good you do it. All that has to be on your website and it must be up-to-date. If it isn't then you just lost business. Do you have a special offer? Is it on your website? Or is it hidden away where thousands of people will not see it?

The philosophy is simple - your website must properly reflect you and must have what visitors need to help them decide to contact you.

But what about social networking, Facebook, Twitter, Google, SEO, SEM and everything else? They are all just a way to get people to your website! Would you auction your house but not mow the lawn or tidy up? Of course not.

If you don't feel confident about telling people to go to your website then you need to call us NOW.

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