Since 2002 GMAC Internet Solutions has been making websites that our customers are proud to show off. Why choose GMAC Internet Solutions? Because a great website is just the start...

Our experience means you get expert advice. The internet is one of the fastest changing things in the world and we have been on top of those changes since 2002. You are in good hands here.


Every time you renew your website hosting with us we include a free block of maintenance to use for changes over that year or you can credit that amount towards a redesign. We are your internet partners.


A great website doesn't just look good. A great website is easy to maintain, easy to use, and does something useful for you. We build intelligent websites to make your life easier.

Here are some examples of our work. We set up each website on a Content Management System and link all the relevant parts of the site (eg. menus, content) to the CMS database or to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for easy management. More samples >
OutoftheBox InteriorDesign
Holmes Institute
Decorator Collective
Victorian Periopertative Nurses Group
Alphaloan Mortgage Group
The GMAC Internet System

Do you have a website or a source of referrals and work? Do you have an on-line shop or a source of money? Do you send out bulk emails or do you build loyalty? Do you have a few web pages and social media accounts or do you have credibility? The answers to these questions are important. If you don't like the answers - or if you don't even want to ask in the first place - then you need GMAC Internet Solutions now.

Our system works. Since starting in early 2002 we have made hundreds of websites and applications. We have helped businesses get going. If you follow a plan and do the right marketing your website can be a big driver of your business.

Do a simple test - make your company website your home page for one week. Look at it every time you open your browser. If you don't like what you see then get in touch.

Top Blog Posts

WordPress or TimelineCMS? Por que no los dos?

You can now get WordPress and TimelineCMS together on the same site. That means the great social media connectivity and collection management of TimelineCMS on the WordPress software you are familiar with.


The Big 2017 Amazon Web Services Migration

The path to providing a rock-solid, blazing fast, cutting edge hosting platform that will be one of the world's best for years.


Use Social Media As Your Website Content Management System

Never update your website again. It's time consuming and frustrating. So stop and read this for a better way.


4 Big Reasons Why Your Website Needs Cloudflare

Most people only know Cloudflare as DNS management, but it also provides a suite of essential tools for a modern website.


SEO / SEM - 'Number 1 on Google!'

"Dear Sir/Madam, we notice you are not number one on Google for your chosen search terms..."

We know our way around servers, databases and code. We have experience with TV and video production. We work with the official APIs of the social media networks. Have a look at some of our great projects...

New Game Plus TV

Videogames, internet and culture. Every Wednesday night 9:30pm C31 Melbourne.

Footy Rocks

A unique AFL-based Dreamteam competition that has been going for 20 years. Pick a team each week in the positions the players are named. Footy Rocks uses our new Bootstrap version of TimelineCMS.

Couch Warriors

We're experts with WordPress as well. Check out the Couch Warriors site which uses WordPress plus our highly optimised and incredibly fast AWS+Cloudflare platform.

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