We're always learning and pushing boundaries. These are a few of the software projects we've completed. Read the testimonials from NHP Electrical Engineering and Quest Payment Systems and you'll see what we mean.

Honda Motorcycles, Marine & Power Equipment

In August 2012 GMAC Internet Solutions prepared a Social Media Strategy for Honda MPE. In the following three months the Honda Motorcycles facebook page went from 16,487 to 30,758 likes - an 87% increase - and their number of Twitter followers has gone from 1,569 to 2,562- a 63% increase. No black hat methods, payments or autofollows have been used. The numbers are still climbing.

GMAC Internet Solutions also assists Honda MPE on miscelaneous projects where a skilled troubleshooter is required.

Quest Payment Systems

GMAC Internet Solutions created the software for Quest Payment Systems to monitor and control remote, unmanned, widely distributed fuel pumping terminals from a central location in Melbourne. The project, designed and written by GMAC Internet Solutions, dramatically reduced the amount of money spent by Quest Payment Systems on supporting and identifying problems with the terminals.

Click here to read a testimonial from the Software Development Manager who we worked closely with.


SustainaPac assists clients with conducting packaging environmental assessments. GMAC Internet Solutions developed an on-line packaging assessment database for SustainaPac. This allows them to assess the environmental impact of packaging used in Australia's largest supermarket chains then publish those via an extranet. It's a very complex ASP.NET project with an enormous database.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products

GMAC Internet Solutions provided contract staff for web-based projects and development of a comprehensive Internet strategy for NHP Electrical Engineering. After rescuing an out-of-control project to put over 25,000 products onto an on-line catalogue and ordering system, GMAC Internet Solutions then helped plan, design, and implement a long term, successful web strategy. This included the main website, dedicated marketing mini sites, on-line supply chain support, and internal process improvements delivered via an intranet.

Click here to read a testimonial from the NHP National I.T. Manager during the time we worked with him.

Norwich Union / Aviva Group

GMAC Internet Solutions developed the website to launch their Navigator product into the Hong Kong market and support its members and advisers online.

When Norwich Union sponsored the Navigator Dash yacht race, GMACIS developed a site with real-time race updates and positions.

GMHBA Health Insurance

GMACIS has developed a large library of projects for GMHBA Member Services. These include a dedicated Policy & Procedure intranet application, an online health assessment, and intranet-delivered reporting on member data.

GMACIS developed a provider portal that allows medicare schedules to be generated in PDF format via a login on the GMHBA website. This resulted in an enormous cost saving by reducing the amount of schedules that required printing and mailing via post.

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