So What Happens Now?

Our support doesn't end with handing over your website. In this blog we will discusses some of the important after-launch aspects of your site.

Use Social Media As Your Website Content Management System

Never update your website again. It's time consuming and frustrating. So stop and read this for a better way.We are world leaders in linking websites to social media platforms. Yes that is a bold claim, but it is one we stand by. How it works can be difficult to explain so we set up a demo page at to demonstrate the code we have developed over the past few y... (more)

Google Rankings and Mobile Devices

There is a lot of buzz at the moment about changes Google has made to SEO and how websites rank on mobile devices.As usual with SEO, some of the claims being made are misleading.What Google is doing is effectively maintaining two sets of rankings for your website - one for mobile devices and one for desktops. If a person searches for your website on their computer they should see it appear in ... (more)

Preparing For The Future - A Wrap Of Changes Made In 2014

The internet is almost unrecognisable from when I started GMAC Internet Solutions back in January 2002. The web is the fastest moving area of IT outside of internet security and the moment we relax we get overtaken. Here are some of the major changes we have implemented for our customers in 2014. It was a massive year...Responsive Design and Mobile WebsitesWe upgraded all our software to bett... (more)

Special Event - 2014 Website Marketing Trends

Every year I prepare an analysis of where the internet is headed over the next 12 months. This year I am holding a seminar with some of the most informed experts in Melbourne. These are the people I turn to. Now you can benefit from their inside knowledge as well.I have chosen a rock solid group of speakers for this seminar covering the hottest internet marketing topics - direct email, SEO and S... (more)

The Internet On The Phone

"70% of Australians use their mobile phone to find businesses on the internet"Wow.I am sure you have heard or read claims like that. I manage dozens of websites and each one of them has Google Analytics enabled. One of the things Google Analytics reports on is what mobile devices are being used. So I thought I would look a bit closer at the numbers...Body to Balance is a very nice site for a chiro... (more)

Footy Rocks - Or how to use Facebook information

For almost 20 years I have run a dreamteam competition based on the AFL. For most of that time it has been on the web. The current incarnation of the website uses Facebook to personalise it for each website member. In this blog I will describe how.The dreamteam competition is called Footy Rocks and it can be found at It is a lot like other dreamteam competitions but each... (more)

Lessons From Apple

Love or hate them, it's hard to deny that Apple are the most successful company in the world when it comes to marketing their products. I have often joked (or half joked) that Apple does not sell technology - they really sell desire. Here are some quick lessons that every company can take from them and how these lessons apply to your website.Constant Improvement, Perfection is ImpossibleDo you... (more)

Geek Bomb - Or how to make a social website

I recently set up the website for Maude Garrett and Rae Johnston. You may recognise Maude as host of Top 30 Australia or her new gig as Los Angeles correspondent for The Hot Hit Program on the AusStereo network. Rae is editor of TechLife Magazine and former host of Save Point on Channel 10. As you can imagine, they are heavy users of Social Media. That meant the software I have developed is a nat... (more)

Why use Social Media anyway?

The numbers are huge. The marketing and hype are deafening. Social Media is massive. Your business needs to be on it.But why?In August I prepared a Social Media Strategy for Honda MPE. In the following three months the Honda Motorcycles facebook page has (at the time of writing) gone from 16,487 to 30,758 likes - an 87% increase - and their number of Twitter followers has gone from 1,569 to 2,562 ... (more)

Which One Do I Choose?

I get a common question about Social Media. "Which one should I use?". Some people have said to me that they don't like Facebook or Twitter. It is important to remember that none of that really matters because it is not about what you like. It is about how other people like to receive their information.Some people love Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Others prefer Email. Some want to visit you... (more)

Stop Listening To Gerry Harvey!

Every day I read stories about how retail is dead. The internet always gets the blame. That surprises me because there's no rule that says bricks and mortar retailers can't have on-line shops as well.According to a Commonwealth Bank report into on-line shopping habits, 80% of all on-line purchases are made domestically. But wait, isn't everybody buying from China? Not directly. Obvious... (more)

Bulk Email Campaigns - Do it right or not at all

Your inbox is probably filling up with newsletters as more companies embrace direct marketing. The big problem is that most of them turn you off by being badly formatted, having a large attachment to download, or feel like they are yelling at you. Now have a look at some of the ones my customers are sending and see the difference. Much better. For years I have helped customers and their designer... (more)

SEO / SEM - 'Number 1 on Google!'

"Dear Sir/Madam, we notice you are not number one on Google for your chosen search terms..."What the hell does that mean? Why does the sender only have an obscure gmail address? How do they know my chosen search terms?There are two ways to try to increase your position on Google. The first is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. This means changing the contents of your site so Google likes it better... (more)

Social Media and Your Legal Liability

A recent decision by Australia's Advertising Standards Board should concern any business that has a Facebook page but does not pay attention to it. YOU may be legally responsible for what what other people post on your Facebook wall. Yes, you read that correctly.How did this come about? The ASB was responding to a complaint about the Smirnoff Vodka Facebook page where comments were posted by f... (more)

Should I get my website updated?

People often ask me if they should redesign their site. Nine times out of ten the answer is "yes". Internet years are like dog years and what looked great 5 years ago will compare badly to your competition now. We all spend a lot of time "researching" on the web. We find a couple of sites and instantly short-list them. It's at that point that your site design can really let you down.It gets ev... (more)

Social Media Secrets

I get asked by a lot of people how they should use Social Media for their business. I have been preparing a detailed Social Media plan for Honda Motorcycles, Marine and Power Equipment and I'd like to share with you some of the initial advice that I give companies like them. The secret to Social Media There is no secret. The way Social Media works in your favour is that it allows other pe... (more)

Observations and Trends - December 2011

So this is Christmas... already!2011 saw some massive changes in website development as we all adapted to a tighter economy. The major trends I've noticed are:Graphic designers have shifted away from traditional platforms like Nuke, Drupal, Joomla and towards Wordpress. Wordpress has a great library of effects that can be added to sites and look great. It also has an enormous number of templat... (more)

Cheap Websites Are Cheap For A Reason

There's one company that keeps advertising on the radio at prices that are insanely low. A simple web search tells you why. Have a look at the responses to a question about this company and you'll quickly see a disturbing pattern -"Am just dealing with [...] and it is a nightmare." "Avoid [...] like the plague!" "i wouldn't touch them with... (more)

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