WordPress or TimelineCMS? Por que no los dos?

Since before I started GMAC Internet in 2002 I have been writing my own CMS software and using it for the sites I develop. It is different to WordPress in that it concentrates more on page management (which WordPress is garbage at) and taking social media feeds and putting them on websites as native content (see the New game Plus site for an extreme example of that in action). It also has a concept called "collections" that allows anything to be put into groups of content that templates can use. Plus it has a built-in shop with Eway and PayPal credit card processing. If you look at the current sites shown on my company website they all use my CMS software.

I made my CMS software compatible with WordPress templates a few years back but there are still some things my software does better than WordPress, and there are some things WordPress does better. And some customers prefer WordPress because they are used to it.

So I decided to combine the two and write a customised WordPress release that is the best of both products.

It is finally ready.

Here are some screeenshots of the improved WordPress administration pages showing better page management and some collections used for banners and drop-down menus.

The real changes are in the front-end, though. I'll be rolling out a few sites soon that use the full power of TimelineCMS on a WordPress base - Facebook & Twitter statusses, YouTube videos, Facebook & Pinterest & Instagram image galleries, and Facebook events all mixed in with native website content out of WordPress.

The first sites to use this amazing new custom WordPress software are Out Of The Box Interiors and ProInvest Financial Services. Have a look at them. They don't look (or work) like standard WordPress sites. This really is the best of both worlds.

/email_attachments/gerard_mcdermott.jpgBy Gerard McDermott

Gerard runs GMAC Internet Solutions and has been developing websites since the mid-1990's. He has even been acknowledged in one of the first books ever written about Javascript programming.

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