TimelineCMS version 5 has launched

After months of coding and testing, the newest version of TimelineCMS is being rolled out to all our sites.

This version uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for reliable and scalable hosting servers. Each website is now located on its own individual hosting server that has virtually infinite capacity to expand as the number of visitors to the website increases.

Why does that matter? You might have heard that Google is using website loading speed as a metric to determine search rankings. The faster your website is, the better its ranking will be.

AWS is the fastest platform available in the world right now, and TimelineCMS is tightly integrated into Amazon's services for hosting, email delivery, database, and file delivery. Our software has been fine-tuned to get the best out of the amazing infrastructure that Amazon has created.

I am not just seeing massive website speed increases. I am also seeing increased sales in a couple of the on-line shops that are already running on TimelineCMS.

More news will be coming soon, including how we are handling SSL requirements by Chrome and Firefox, plus some information about the worldwide Content Delivery Network that has been integrated into TimelineCMS.

Exciting times are ahead.

A quick note for owners of websites with on-line credit card processing: the Audit section of the website has been removed and you can now find your orders under a tab in the Catalogue section when no item is selected.

If you are on TimelineCMS 5.01 you can now use /admin instead of /admin.php to log in to your website admin interface.

/email_attachments/gerard_mcdermott.jpgBy Gerard McDermott

Gerard runs GMAC Internet Solutions and has been developing websites since the mid-1990's. He has even been acknowledged in one of the first books ever written about Javascript programming.

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