Landing Pages, WordPress, Bootstrap and TimelineCMS 6

I have three exciting new developments to announce...

1) Landing Pages

Sometimes you only need a single page website with a contact form. I have used them as part of marketing campaigns for customers where a product-specific page is included in bulk emails or Google AdWords so that the traffic can be more accurately measured. Using Squarespace, Wordpress or TimelineCMS in these cases is not very cost-effective or efficient. Now I can make and host Landing Pages for far less than a full website.

Have a look at the Landing Page I made for Soda Sales:

If you need one page for one thing then ask me about a Landing Page.

2) WordPress

My Amazon Web Services based WordPress hosting just keeps getting better and better (and faster and faster). The latest site using this awesome setup is South Street Energy:

A screenshot doesn't do this site justice. Click on the link to see the site in action. If you like WordPress then you will love it running on AWS like this.

If you have a WordPress site made by somebody else then talk to me about setting it up on this amazing, fast AWS based hosting. Your website will be faster and more reliable than you thought possible.

3) Bootstrap and TimelineCMS Version 6

Squarespace and WordPress do a decent job at the low end of the website market, but for real control and the most beautiful, customised websites there isn't much better than TimelineCMS. Here are some examples of sites that would be very difficult to deliver on either Squarespace or WordPress:

I have just added Bootstrap support to TimelineCMS. What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is an incredibly powerful website development framework originally developed by Twitter. This means TimelineCMS has one more trick up its sleeve for delivering the best sites I can make.

See TimelineCMS 6 with Bootstrap in action at the Footy Rocks Dreamteam Competition website:

The Footy Rocks website has social feeds, ladders that use Facebook friends lists, player reports, player profiles, and an enormous amount of other features that needed a powerful back-end to hook into and make possible. If you like AFL football then sign up and play. I guarantee you'll be amazed by the team selection page.

I am always finding better ways to make and deliver websites and web applications. These changes allow me to be more flexible with the products I offer, and probably save you a bit of money at the same time. If you know somebody who needs a new website, or who is not happy with their current one, then get in touch.

/email_attachments/gerard_mcdermott.jpgBy Gerard McDermott

Gerard runs GMAC Internet Solutions and has been developing websites since the mid-1990's. He has even been acknowledged in one of the first books ever written about Javascript programming.

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