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Here is a series of interviews and TV segments Gerard McDermott appeared in for New Game Plus. Serious Business is a series about important internet issues where Gerard speaks to politicians and industry about the internet and changes the government plans to make. Gerard also appears in a segment called Old Game Plus which looks at old consoles, remade games and other interesting things from the history of gaming. New Game Plus airs Wednesday nights 9:30pm on Channel 31 in Melbourne. Click here for more.

On YouTube, Demonetization & Questionable Practices - SERIOUS BUSINESS

It's been an interesting time at YouTube, with controversial changes regarding partnerships and ad policies, and much more. Gerard sites down with Jason & Jack to discuss these changes and what they could mean for the future of content creation.

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Facebook Data Revealed
Surviving The Internet
Big Business Overstepping Boundaries - SERIOUS BUSINESS
Atheos and the Gift Of Doubt - Serious Business with Peter Boghossian
Internet censorship, filtering and privacy - Serious Business with Victorian Senator Fiona Patten
Domestic violence and online threats - Serious Business with Homelessness Networker Andrew Edgar
Freedom of speech on-line - Serious Business with Australian Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson
NBN and the digital economy - Serious Business with Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare
Metadata and Data Retention - Serious Business with Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam
Trademarks and copyright in videogames - Serious Business with IP Lawyer Victor Ng
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