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Here is a series of interviews and TV segments Gerard McDermott appeared in for New Game Plus. Serious Business is a series about important internet issues where Gerard speaks to politicians and industry about the internet and changes the government plans to make. Gerard also appears in a segment called Old Game Plus which looks at old consoles, remade games and other interesting things from the history of gaming. New Game Plus airs Wednesday nights 9:30pm on Channel 31 in Melbourne. Click here for more.

NBN and the digital economy - Serious Business with Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare

Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare talks to New Game Plus about the the NBN, business and the digital economy, challenges to Australia due to technology, community TV and his old Commodore 64.

The future is in STEM fields. Unskilled jobs in Australia are disappearing. Jason tells us how Labor plans to introduce coding into the school curriculum.

We also compare Australia's NBN plans to New Zealand and it's not good news.

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Big Business Overstepping Boundaries - SERIOUS BUSINESS
Atheos and the Gift Of Doubt - Serious Business with Peter Boghossian
Internet censorship, filtering and privacy - Serious Business with Victorian Senator Fiona Patten
Domestic violence and online threats - Serious Business with Homelessness Networker Andrew Edgar
Freedom of speech on-line - Serious Business with Australian Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson
Metadata and Data Retention - Serious Business with Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam
Trademarks and copyright in videogames - Serious Business with IP Lawyer Victor Ng
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